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Filmmakers with more than

100 years experience.

Handmade Films In Norwegian Woods produce genre films based on Norwegian stories, folklore and nature. Our vision is to make quality films for a large audience. The owners have more than 100 years of combined experience in film production. 

Astrup - Flammen over Jølster

cinema 4. october in Norway


Handmade Films In Norwegian Woods produced Villmark Asylum in 2015 and owns the films Hidden (2009) and Dark Woods (2003). These films sold over 300.000 cinema tickets in Norway, and today we sell them worldwide to channels like iTunes, Amazon and Netflix. The films have all been nominated for prizes at home and abroad. 

What We Do


The Tunnel is a thriller drama about a catastrophic fire in a road tunnel going over a mountain pass. Funded by the Norwegian Film Institute, Zefyr Media Fund and Western Norway Film Centre.


Under the Ice is a thriller drama about the black death returning to a fjord in Norway when the glacier melts rapidly. Funded by Zefyr Media Fund and Western Norway Film Centre. 


The Nightmare is a horror film about a nightmare demon that hunts and possesses a young woman in her dreams. Funded by the Norwegian Film Institute.


Flame above Jølster is a bio-pic about the neglected Norwegian painter Nikolai Astrup. Funded by Zefyr Media Fund, Filmkraft Rogaland, Fritt ord, Arts Counsil Norway, Norwegian Broadcasting and Western Norway Film Centre.


The Last Gold is a western about a Norwegian immigrant family digging for gold in America in the 1890s. 


Underground is a thriller about a detective who discovers a tribe living underneath the streets of New York. This is an original Luc Besson idea, and we were contracted to develop, produce and direct the film for EuropaCorp. 


The Northwoods is a horror film about two sisters returning to Norway after their father dies and they encounter a prehistoric monster in the ancient woods. This is in collaboration with Paul Barkin, Jeff Pangman and David Hudakoc, with Emma Higgins directing. Funded by Zefyr Media Fund, FilmCamp and Filmfond Nord.


We are currently in coproduction with Storyline Nor in Norway with the projects Cry me a river, Stormbird, Son of Scabs and Swingers.


We are working with USA, Canada, Finland, Belgium, Hungary, France and Spain. 

Einar Loftesnes
+47 911 40 529

Meet the Team

Pål Øie
Director / Svreenwriter
Sjur Aarthun
Cinematographer / Editor
Kjersti Helen Rasmussen
Development producer / Screenwriter / Director
CEO and Producer

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